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Custom home additions are a great way to provide your family with more living space without the hassle of buying a new home or moving. Almost everyone would love to have just a little more space and adding a room to your existing structure is the perfect way to get it.

Not too long ago, the decision to buy a new home that met your lifestyle was a little easier but with the skyrocketing prices of Toronto real estate the decision to upgrade is not an option. Home additions (or extensions of the existing structure), on the other hand, are definitely within reach for a lot of people and are becoming more popular options.

If you are considering creating some extra space (Sun Room, Solarium, Den, Man Cave, Storage, etc.), please consider calling us for a free, no obligation discussion: The better value for you could easily be in a home addition or extension.


With over 10 years experience of contracting in Toronto and surrounding areas, and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next project. We provide professional renovation, repair and installation services on-time, on-budget and we never over-extend ourselves on home addition projects.

  • Financial Responsibility to Our Clients
  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost Control
  • Commited to Meeting Deadlines
  • Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction
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Frequently Asked Questions About Home Additions

Should I move out during my addition / extension?

This really does depend on the type of addition, but, for the most part, you won’t have to relocate while the work is being done. Some other rooms might be closed-off for a while, though, and this will need to be taken into consideration.

For example, you might add a solarium off of your kitchen, which would probably mean that your kitchen area would be unusable for a period of time. Since most people would rather not live without their kitchens, in such a case we would recommend that you stay elsewhere for a few days while we finish off the connecting room.

How much do the additions typically cost?

This is obviously the question people ask most and our standard answer is that it really does depend on the type of home addition.

The size of the space being added and where it is being added are two of the biggest considerations and then there is always how it is going to look inside. We have seen home additions where costs have been relatively low and we have completed projects that a lot of people would consider to be very expensive.

The best advice we can offer is for you to decide on a budget and then discuss what you would like to have done with us. From there we can explain it all to you and an informed decision can be made.

Will our extension / addition be finished on time and on budget?

This is another question we get all the time and probably the most important one next to the costs.

Completing projects on-time and on-budget (or even under-budget) is what we strive for. We never over-extend ourselves and only commit to projects that we can devote 100% of our time to.

That being said, often times there are unforeseen circumstances that impede projects (like hidden construction issues or inclement weather) which force us to re-examine our approach.

We involve our clients each step of the way and you will be made aware of any changes that might need to be made.

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